How To Help Kids Relax During Photo Sessions

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Get The Best Out of Your Next Session

It is a common concern for most parents of young kids who I have spoken to - and the younger the children, the more worried and anxious the parents are - that their kids won't behave during a session and they won't get any good photos. Usually it is the opposite and we end up with many amazing photos, even if you felt like the kids didn't sit still once! Generally a good photographer can make this happen, but there are a few things you can do to help the session run smoothly as well:


1. Relax

Kids will often pick up on our emotions and that will effect their emotions and behaviour. If we are stressed, anxious and have negative feelings about something, we may unintentionally make our little ones feel like we are doing something negative. That can, of course, have an affect on the session and final images overall. So the best thing mum and dad can do is relax and go with the flow, which brings me to my next point...


2. Trust Your Photographer

Trust that your photographer has handled these situations before (and probably much worse, I mean a lot of us have kids of our own!) and that we likely have a few tricks up our sleeves to get the kids more interested in the session.

But building trust is between 2 people and not just on you! So, make sure you choose a photographer you can talk to about your concerns before the session and who will communicate with you every step of the way. A good way to do this is to have a conversation over the phone while booking, that way you can see if you both click.

Your photographer should be able to help you feel comfortable which will inevitably make the session run much smoother.


3. Food & Rest

Make sure your little one has had enough to eat and a rest before the session.

Sometimes (particularly during daylight savings) sessions are held late in the afternoon/evening, so don't be afraid to let them have a late nap so they will be happy and awake for the session.

If you are bringing snacks for during the session, don't forget baby wipes!


4. Bring a Toy or Comforter

A lot of the time a child's toy can make a really cute prop! It will also help them to stay calm during a session and give camera shy kids something else to focus on. 

Wooden toys photograph really well and I love to capture photos of children playing. The look of wonder and joy as their imaginations see things that we can't is something all parents love to see.


5. Play a Game

Your kids love it when you play and interact with them, it helps both of you relax and we get some great candid shots! It is also a great bonding experience.

 Some of the candid shots of siblings playing together are the most magical and will show their true bond.

When everyone is truly happy, everything else falls into place and we end up with magic!

If all else fails, you can offer ice cream after! Who wouldn't be happy about ice cream? Comment below if you found this blog helpful! I hope it made you feel more confident to book that photo session you have been holding off on. 


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