Covid-19 Lockdowns - Part 1: Home Schooling

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Life has been SO busy lately, everything really feels non stop at the moment, and the other day my partner and I were reflecting on our time during lock-down and the positives. Of course it wasn't all positive and there were quite a lot of down times and uncertainty but it was definitely a unique time in everyone's lives and while we are looking back, I'm sure we can all think of something we enjoyed about it.

I remember in Febuary I thought Coronavirus would be nothing we would have to worry about and everyone was overreacting.

In March we were told we would be homeschooling our kids and all locked in together 24/7.

At first I was absolutely DREADING the idea. I live with my partner, my younger 2 kids and his 2 kids. Life is pretty busy and chaotic at the best of times and I was enjoying the tiny snippets of time I had while everyone was at school and work, or those precious days of just me and my daughter in the year before she goes to big school 5 days a week. I also like to get the house clean and enjoy it in the peace and quiet for a short time before everyone gets back. 

And I was going to lose all that.

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Trust me, some days I really felt it and just wanted some alone time and a tidy house. But I wouldn't change it, because even though we had a lot of changes to adapt to, we also gained something we never realised we would.

Life slowed down a lot. It still felt chaotic in some ways (with 6 people in the house, how could it not?) but there was no rush to get everyone ready in the morning, the kids would make pillow forts and do school work inside, I started doing craft with them which I never really did before (school can deal with that mess!).

My partner and I really felt like it brought us all closer.

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We also learned so much about the kids and their strengths and weaknesses, and also what their teachers have to deal with!

Both my son and daughter celebrated their birthdays during lockdown as well so we had our own little iso party. No guests, but everything else you could want for a 4th and 7th birthday.

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One thing I wanted to make sure of was that I documented this historical time in our lives. Even though it felt like all we did was sit at home for weeks (how long was it actually?? I swear every day melted into one) we actually did SO much more.

How was your homeschooling experience? Did you love it? Hate it? Or were you an essential worker who didn't home school?


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