A Special Photoshoot

November 27, 2020  •  1 Comment


A Special Photoshoot

This blog is about a photoshoot that was a little different, and I hope everyone who reads it can find something positive to reflect on. We all have our own struggles, especially in 2020, but some of us have more than others. Not everyone understands the life we live when you have children living with disabilities and special needs. Life is much harder in some ways but so rewarding in others. Some days we even feel bad for struggling so much because we want everything to be ok for our kids but we have to deal with the medication changes and meltdowns, phone calls from school and the therapists, battling NDIS and the system to try and get support, waiting at endless specialist appointments, and spending half your life and pay cheque at the pharmacy.

Last weekend I photographed a beautiful family who hadn’t taken a family portrait in 7 years. 

This stunning mama never thought she would have a portrait to hang on the wall of her and her boys. Having 2 specials needs kids and being a single parent is hard and can definitely hold you back from doing things. I have been through it myself. Before I met my partner (who always supports me in my life and business), I was the full-time single parent of a child with a disability and medical conditions also. Having support makes all the difference when you are living this life.

So I worked with Renee on ways to get her boys to co-operate and feel comfortable throughout the session, they required a lot of patience and encouragement but they were wonderful boys who were so very sweet the entire time. These boys also love both mum and dad even though they are no longer together. So, dad also came along which made it extra special. Not many split families will pose for a photo together like this, so I think it is amazing they are showing their boys just how much they love them and will be family no matter what.

We did not get a huge gallery of photos, but what we did get was the family portraits that had been desired and dreamed about for so many years. Honestly, this photoshoot was a professional challenge for me, but I loved it. Seeing those boys come out of their shells and seeing mum so happy that she finally gets beautiful family photos is the biggest reward. Everyone deserves to have beautiful photos which is why I like to work with clients, find out what they want, their insecurities and struggles, their most desired photos. For example, I love candid shots, but Renee wanted traditional family portraits for the wall. When clients open up to me, I don't judge, I adapt and deliver their dream photos. Well I do my best, anyway, let me know what you think in the comments!







What a beautiful story. The images are full of so much love, partially due to you kindness and understanding. I teared up a little when I read that the dad came along even though he and mum had separated. What an awesome family!!
Once again, you did an amazing job, Steph!
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